Feeling guilty as a mum

Mum guilt, I think it’s something every mother in the country experiences. Before I had Thomas I used to think my friends with kids were silly for feeling guilty, why would you feel guilty for doing something for yourself? Now that I am a mum I fully understand. You go out shopping and buy yourself an outfit and suddenly you feel guilty because you’re not … Continue reading Feeling guilty as a mum

Weekly adventures

Our go to place is usually Chester Zoo as we have annual passes and it’s only a 40-minute drive away but my car has officially died and so we have no transport. This hasn’t stopped us getting out and about though! We live about a 5-minute walk (10 if you have a toddler!) away from a local community farm, a nice park and there’s even … Continue reading Weekly adventures

Controversial parenting

I have seen lots of Youtubers doing this tag as well as some other bloggers, although nobody has tagged me I’ve decided to do it. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and we must respect that not everybody is of the same one. So, let’s get started. Pro-life Vs. Pro-choice I am 100% pro-choice. I believe every woman should have the choice on what they … Continue reading Controversial parenting