Weekly adventures

Our go to place is usually Chester Zoo as we have annual passes and it’s only a 40-minute drive away but my car has officially died and so we have no transport. This hasn’t stopped us getting out and about though! We live about a 5-minute walk (10 if you have a toddler!) away from a local community farm, a nice park and there’s even some cows and horses on the way! We visited last week and Thomas loved the sheep running around and getting really close to us, I was actually a bit scared haha. The chickens he found really funny and he enjoyed the goats too!

We visited a local cafe too for some yummy cake, which obviously was a huge hit with Thomas! Nursery tells me he never has any issues with finishing his puddings, are all toddlers like that?! When the weather got a bit warmer we went to an ice cream cafe, again a big hit with Thomas, even better when it’s next to a park. He loves ice cream and he loves to be outside and if there is a swing there then we are onto a winner!

My mum is going on holiday soon and so she asked could she have Thomas for the weekend, who am I to disagree with that! He had a lovely weekend, baking cakes with Grandad, a visit to soft play and a day out at the farm with tractor rides and more ice cream! I promise my child does eat more than just ice cream. I enjoyed a hot bubble bath on Saturday evening without a toddler interrupting me, I even had a cheeky glass of wine!

After a busy week for Thomas, we are having a chilled out day today. We’ve not left the house and don’t plan on doing either! Hope you’ve enjoyed catching up with our week.

Thanks for reading,

Louise xx


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