Thomas Stephen

So as this blog is about our lives, mainly motherhood, I thought I would do a blog post all about my journey to being a mummy and the birth of Thomas. If you’ve read my post about spina bifida you will know that in 2012 we became parents to a beautiful little girl named Isabelle but sadly she was too poorly and was stillborn. After advice from the consultants we decided not try again for a little while, I had quite a lot of weight to lose and I needed to be taking a higher dose of folic acid 3 months prior to conception. Fast forward to September 2013 and I took myself

Fast forward to September 2013 and I took myself off to the doctors for the higher dosage so that come 2014 we could start trying again. It didn’t take long for me to become pregnant and by the end of January we were expecting again. I made all the necessary calls to the midwives and my consultant and a care plan was put into place. I’d tried to figure out my due date and from my workings out it happened to land on the 12th October – the day Isabelle was born 2 years prior. It felt ‘meant to be’.

I had a small bleed at around 9 weeks and due to previous history I was sent for an early scan, he looked like a little gerbil! Everything looked great though and I was sent away feeling really positive. Our 12-week scan was a whole other experience though! We turned up for our appointment and after around an hour of waiting I went to see what was going on only to be told that due to my scan at 9 weeks I wouldn’t be having a 12-week scan. I was furious, I remember sitting in the waiting room so upset as I had been promised extra scans to check on the baby and its progress. To be honest I did kick up a rather large fuss but I didn’t care! They couldn’t do anything that day so I was asked to return a few days later for the scan. In the end, all went well with that scan and I was given a new due date of 17th October.

The pregnancy was going well, we had an in-depth scan at 16 weeks and then again at 20 weeks to rule out Spina Bifida and our consultant was pleased with our baby boy. At 28 weeks I hadn’t felt baby move for a couple of hours, I’d tried all the things they suggested but nothing was working so I rang the hospital for some advice and they told me to go in to be checked over, the baby was fine and they weren’t concerned about him, it was me they was worried about. My blood pressure was sky high and wasn’t coming down, they kept me in until around 3 am (which by the way I think is a disgusting time to discharge a pregnant lady) when it finally did come down to a satisfactory number. That was the start of it all, every week I’d go to my midwife for it checked and she would send me to the hospital, a bit of a pain when at the time we didn’t have a car and it was 2 bus journeys away! We did get some extra scans though which is always a bonus!


I had to go into hospital every 3 days for blood pressure checks, it was a bit of a pain to be honest. I had a midwife appointment on my due date and she checked it again and told me to go home get my bags and get to the hospital and expect to be coming home with my baby. So off I went to the hospital, 60 bags in tow, I was put on the assessment unit and I spent the whole day there, I was the only patient left at the end of the night and I was so fed up. I started crying when the midwife said they were going to admit me, I just wanted it all to be over and done with. 4 days into my hospital stay the doctor doing the morning rounds came in and told me that today was the day, get prepared and call my birthing partners. Within about 30 minutes that all changed when my consultant came and told me that they would not be inducing me that day, he was discharging me and wanted me back in 6 days later for an induction. As you can imagine I was far from happy with this decision and the lack of communication between the staff!
IMG_2520.jpgThe day of my induction came and we were asked to be at the hospital for 12pm, pointless really when they didn’t see to me until 5pm! Anyway, she did an examination and put the propess in and popped me on the monitor for 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes she took my blood pressure and she was writing the notes down, I burst into to tears and she asked me what was wrong. I could see myself that my blood pressure was worryingly high and within minutes there were 6 or 7 doctors around my bed checking me for pre-eclampsia. Not going to lie, it was pretty traumatic. It’s all a bit of a blur to be honest, one minute I was upstairs and the next I was in the delivery suite having my waters broken! I couldn’t move off the bed there were that many different wires and as they couldn’t get a decent trace of Thomas’ heartbeat they put a wire on his head (I don’t know the technical term) to get the trace they needed. I spent the next few hours in and out of sleep and relatively pain-free thanks to the epidural, it did wear off slightly in my left leg but I managed to cope through that. I remember the midwife telling me it was time to push, it felt so strange as I couldn’t feel the contractions I just had to push when she told me too. After about an hour Thomas was born at 1:28pm on a rainy cold miserable day, that didn’t matter though! He was passed straight to me and we had skin to skin straight away, I’ll never ever forget that feeling, It’s hard to even put into words what it feels like!
SAM_1276.jpgThe aftermath of the birth wasn’t pretty, I needed stitches and it took them over 45 minutes to ‘fix me’ I won’t go into detail about that one haha. We were allowed home the day after and it was amazing to be home, I felt I could really be his mummy there with nobody watching over me.

5122014-10-29 09.35.452014-10-29 08.49.47

And thats how our little boy made his way into the world, If you’ve got this far down the page I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a little bit about us.

Thanks for reading,

Louise xx


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