Wedding series – The venue

We didn’t start planning our wedding straight after the proposal like most people do, we wanted to wait until after Thomas was born and we were settled as a family. That didn’t stop me from looking though! I’d spend hours on the internet searching for the perfect wedding venue, you can’t really get a feel for places though without actually visiting them. That’s when all the fun starts!

Thomas was just over 12 months old when we finally decided to go full steam ahead with the plans. I was armed with a list of venues that we wanted to look at and got straight onto booking viewings with the wedding coordinators.

The first venue we looked at was Chester zoo, I know that may seem a crazy place for a wedding but it is a place we have both loved to visit since we first met. Oakfield House at the zoo is beautiful and it is just next to the lion enclosure, which makes it very exciting! Surrounding Oakfield House is some beautiful gardens perfect for those wedding pictures, there is also a play park just outside great for the small children attending. Although we loved this venue it was just too small, there was plenty of different rooms for guests but we didn’t want all our guests separated and for us to be switching from room to room. It also wasn’t exclusive use so anybody visiting the zoo that day could come for a nosey.

Oakfield House

The next venue we looked at was The Village Hotel, we’d gone to a wedding fair and ended up having a look around. It was a huge venue big enough for all our guests and plenty of rooms for an overnight stay. The hotel itself was lovely, but it was facing an office block and was next to a pub, with no scenery for our wedding photos, we decided this venue wasn’t what we were looking for.

The Village Hotel

When you’re looking for your wedding venue it’s a bit like finding your wedding dress, you just know it’s ‘the one’. We’d only visited the two above when we found our perfect venue. It’s just the right size, has beautiful surroundings for our wedding photos and our guests have the opportunity to stay over should they wish to do so. It has a spa that, for sure, me and my bridesmaids will be using before the wedding!

It is so exciting finding the venue for your wedding, if you are planning your wedding and currently looking for that perfect venue, don’t worry, you will find it.

Thanks for reading,

Louise x


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